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After Nogg-Aholic

January 07, 2007

That's the day Dopefish finaly anounced Nogg-Aholic closure.


Sadly neither of those links work anymore. They were closed soon after that. For 2 years however, used to work. Nowdays that link is down also. Apparently there's no real way of reading the old forums anymore.


I remember there was some kind of hype, nobody saw it coming, because in the same night Dopefish released his last video..."My Burning Valentine".


After nogg-aholic died, Gnauren and Nayra went forward and started a new community, Glowing Mushroom, wich was a bit different. They had some kind of system that would allow you to join based on an application regarding your past acomplishments and your knowledge. I remember Gnauren was involved in a scandal regarding the fact that he was scaning members ip's and banning those who visited MMOwned. The other thing was that they were structured inside also. So you had to further proove your knowledge to advance in their own ranks. That was the kind of stuff that actualy destroyed nogg-aholic in the first place.


Nogg-aholic developed a quest regarding model-changing technique. Those who acomplished it had acces to Model Editing section inside the old forums. After a while, model editing got more advanced, and some of the users developed new and interesting ways to manipulate the game files. That forced the moderators to develop new quests inside the model editing area, for users to gain upper ranks and have acces to more tools and informations. I myself haven't reached those areas, but i remember Dalroc telling me Cryect's Tools and Nogg-IT develop went on the third area of Model Editing.


Following a wrong pattern that led to Nogg-Aholic's death, Gnauren's community suffered the same fate!


Meanwhile, away from Glowing Mushroom's elitist attitude, Malu05 and a couple of more mods from nogg-aholic (including Dopefish itself) started a new organization, From its start, focused more on the technical part of wow, and put more accent on data-mining, memory editing and files, leaving back the old fashion exploration and model editing.


Malu eaven created a wiki that's still accesible today at and eaven at this hour its the most valuable site regarding world of warcraft technical data and file informations. forums were flooded back then by all kind of informations regarding file conversion, memory reading, memory offsets and pointers. Stuffs like adding maps to instances, years before blizzard, WarCraft 3 Interfaces or weather intensity controll. 

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